Night Skies Network

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Welcome to the all new Night Skies Network!

This website is for amateur and professional astronomers to share with everyone, their night sky viewing through cameras attached to their telescopes. If you can digitize your live view through the telescope, you can broadcast it view screensharing.

Our broadcasters are very friendly and eager to answer any questions you may have. So feel free to ask questions and request viewing of specific objects. This new site will work on all platforms and all browsers without the need to download and install any additional software, neither for broaadcasters nor for viewers and if you register you will be able to converse with everyone in the broadcast.

Site Rules

1. You must disclose your broadcasting setup. OTA/Camera & Type/reduction or barlow/Filter and mount. It is most important that viewers understand why the broadcast looks the way it looks, in contrast with other broadcasts.

2. No copyrighted material is to be broadcasted at any time. Background audio is the same. Just because you bought the CD or MP3 doesn't mean you have the express right to do whatever you want to with it. Most importantly, I have ZERO tolerance for this on my website.

3. No dirty language, no insinuations, no hate-speak, and no political bashing. This talk or humor has no place on this network at any time.

4. No direct product selling or promotion, and no product bashing. We love our equipment, and we brag about it, and think its the best, don't we? Just because someone else has something different, doesn't mean its bad or inferior.

5. You must personally attend your sky-cam broadcast, and be willing to engage viewers questions. No unattended broadcasts.

6. Have fun, be positive, be engaging, keep your show moving, give people a reason to come back!

Broadcaster's Guide

The new NSN is based on BigBlueButton and works on all browser and devices. There is no more a need for installing a helper software or a specific browser. The video, audio and chat are all integrated into a single modern platform. You would need to re-register to be able to broadcast but everybody can join as a viewer.

BBB is complete broadcasting tool allowing you to share your whole screen or just a specific program window however you would first need to give proper permission to the website to access your webcam, microphone and desktop.

Broadcasters can create polls, share external videos, create whiteboards and control viewers' access.

Watch the Guide for Broadcasters

Watch the Guide for Viewers

Please feel free to experinment around with the new platform.